Josephine Malinda White is a daughter of the city of Detroit, MI, also known as THE “HAIR CAPITAL”. Born and raised on the Westside of the city, Josephine spent many Saturday mornings in the hair salon, waiting patiently, for her turn in the swivel chair. She would watch intently, as “beauticians” (as they were called back then), expertly styled their clients hair, and she would study their techniques, taking notes thinking to herself, “I Can Do That.”  

When she turned 16, “JoJo” began practicing in her home on family members and friends, honing her craft, and loving the way her clients stepped out of “her chair” looking and feeling about themselves. She knew then, that she was on to something and, doing away with the term beautician, Josephine set her sights on becoming a HAIRSTYLIST. 

Graduating from Western Michigan University, with a Bachelors in Human Resource Management, and minoring in Business in 2007, Josephine entered the corporate world as an executive team leader with Target Stores, Inc. But, her dream kept knocking on the doors of her heart and, throwing conventional logic aside, she took a leap of faith, and left her corporate job in 2008, and enrolled in cosmetology school at Chic, now Empire Beauty School.

On July 9, 2014, Josephine’s passion birthed her purpose when she bought her own hair salon, JoJo’s House of Beauty, Inc. Over the course of her career as a hairstylist, Josephine developed a love for helping her clients achieve healthy hair. With 11 years of experience in the cosmetology industry, she believes in continuing education, and always looks for opportunities to expand her knowledge and relevancy in this ever-growing field.  

Amongst her accomplishments, she is a proud, active member of The Grand Rapids Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In 2016, JoJo’s House of Beauty, Inc. was nominated by The Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, as a Minority-Owned Business of the Year EPIC finalist, and has appeared in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine.

Humble for the recognition, Josephine remembers to keep her focus on serving people. “This is what God has called me for,” she said. “Sometimes, you realize that your purpose is not for you, but for other people.” 

Josephine’s love for helping others see their inner and outer beauty, makes her more than just a cosmetologist. She loves healthy hair, and her ability to style all hair textures, is just another aspect of what separates her from other stylists. From her special flat ironing techniques, to her sassy cuts and hair colors, to natural sew-in extensions, Josephine is exactly what every woman needs, when it comes to hair!